Adventure time with kids in Maastricht

Adventure time with kids in Maastricht

Maastricht is the perfect weekend getaway for the whole family. Check out these 4 tips for guaranteed fun and activities with kids in Maastricht. Together on an adventure!

This historical city in the southern part of Limburg is one giant quest in terms of what it has to offer. This makes it a great place to discover together with kids. Seek adventure on top and below Sint Pietersberg or bring lords and ladies to life at Kasteel Hoensbroek. Celebrate Maastricht’s rich past and amiable present as a family!
Maastricht underground: Explore and discover
A great way to unravel the hidden elements of Maastricht is through its historical grottos and caverns. The Zonneberg and the Northern Corridor System tunnels are open to visitors, located under Sint Pietersberg. You can choose between a ‘normal’ guided tour or opt for a more exciting expedition with the kids. The element of adventure really comes to life when all sense of time halts in its darkened hallways. All your senses are triggered when you are left with only a guide to illustrate the way!
Atop Sint Pietersberg
Not only the fortified interior of the Sint Pietersberg in Maastricht is a sight to behold, but also its impressive exterior! 171 meters being its highest point, Sint Pietersberg isn’t known for its reach, but regarded instead as a beautiful sanctuary. The many playgrounds in the area are perfect for children to play in while you take in the natural sights. Forts and castles like the newly renovated Fort Sint Pieter can also be found close by.
Kasteel Hoensbroek
Kasteel Hoensbroek is the place to be for both young and old looking for a somewhat more amorous adventure. This castle is one of the oldest in The Netherlands and its construction still includes a traditional moat and bridge. The kids can tickle their fantasy as princes and princesses in the immense 14th century castle. This fortress has over 40 rooms open to curious little visitors. With children’s expeditions and the castle museum, Kasteel Hoensbroek serves as a great site to visit with the entire family when visiting Maastricht.
Maastricht Natural History Museum
For families curious about Maastricht’s geological past, make your way to the Maastricht Natural History Museum. Find out how actual hills formed in Limburg and learn which dinosaurs roamed the lands before our time. The unique fossils and replicas of these species plus many others are the museum’s main attraction. Diverse expositions and kids activities serve as a great platform for the whole family to learn something new. And to end your leisurely day in style, find a quiet spot in Maastricht and enjoy a local highlight - Limburgse Vlaai!
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