Tips for flying with the whole family

Tips for flying with the whole family

Taking a plane trip with the whole family? These tips will help you bring your children along on a relaxed journey.

Traveling by plane with the whole family can be quite an undertaking. Think for instance of packing stress, getting up early to be at the airport in time, checking in luggage and squabbling children in the plane. It can be a challenge to start a family vacation peacefully, even when it isn’t a far one. Some extra preparations to take into account can help. We offer some helpful tips to reduce stress and increase (pre) holiday fun.
A well-rested start with Park, sleep & fly
Are you flying, for instance, through Schiphol, Rotterdam The Hague or Eindhoven Airport? And are you already dreading having to get up before the crack of dawn to be able to make your flight? Not to worry: the Park, Sleep & Fly service can solve that for you. Book a hotel near the airport to spend the night before your flight leaves. Parking at the hotel is free, and a free shuttle service makes sure you arrive at the airport in time. It’s as easy as that! The whole family can start the vacation well rested, which makes the departure day a lot more relaxed.
Luggage and online check-in
If your vacation is relatively short, the long wait at the airport can be reduced by only bringing along hand luggage. This way you can check-in online, which reduces the time you have to spend queueing at the airport! Online check-ins are also a good opportunity to pre-book seats for the whole family, making sure you can sit together. Also good to know: prams are allowed up until the gate at the Schiphol, Rotterdam The Hague and Eindhoven Airports, which saves you some carrying. Don’t forget to bring a separate bag with useful items like diapers, clean clothes and some food and drinks, so you can keep this handy on the plane.
In-flight tips
You will be a lot more relaxed yourself when your children are comfortable in their own seats, and aren’t bored. That’s why we have a couple of tips to help keep everyone satisfied during the flight:
- At smaller airports like Eindhoven and Rotterdam The Hague, shopping opportunities are often limited. Be sure to bring along plenty of entertainment for your kids, such as colouring books, magazines, travel games or book. Tablets and smartphones can also be used to play games during the flight, as long as flight mode is activated.
- Bring magazines with information and pictures of your destination. Let your children imagine the adventures you will have on your vacation. Together, cut, paste and draw the most exciting attractions and think of a general route to take when discovering your new surroundings.
- Practice some words in the language that is spoken at your destination. Taking turns guessing words is a good distraction during the flight. And of course, your child is bound to impress when they are able to put their newly acquired words in action!
- The pressure on the plane can be uncomfortable for children, especially during take off and landing. Bring a pacifier or something to eat for these moments. Chewing or sucking reduces the pressure on the ears.
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