Where to Eat - Olaya Restaurants

Where to Eat - Olaya Restaurants

Eating out is one of the main pastimes of Saudi people. Riyadh has a lot to offer when it comes to authentic Middle Eastern cuisines, and gives residents a great family-friendly way to socialize. There are a number of restaurants ranging from cheap to high-end restaurants offering one of the best cultural experiences of the Kingdom. Tourists will find a wide range of restaurants and cafés offering great, tasteful choices of Middle Eastern cuisine in the Olaya district of Riyadh.

Fairouz Garden

A Lebanese restaurant with pleasant indoor and outdoor seating arrangement is a great place for a family dine out. Although it is a haven for Lebanese food-lovers, it also offers typical Saudi Arabian cuisine. Tourists can enjoy a great view of the Kingdom Tower from the terrace.

Assaraya Turkish Restaurant

Located in the Olaya district of Riyadh, Assaraya is a family-friendly Turkish restaurant that is popular for serving very big portions of traditional Turkish food for an affordable price.

Nafoorah Seafood Restaurant

Offering a wide variety of classic seafood and fish recipe, Nafoorah is a casual dining restaurant for family. The dishes are from Middle Eastern ad Mediterranean cuisine, and make for a mouthful of food for lovers of seafood.

Café Bateel

A casual dining place that offers gourmet foods and beverages that is popular all over the region. The restaurant has an impressive menu that creatively combines traditional Arabic cuisine with Italian flavours. Their date-inspired desserts, chocolates and confectionaries are delightful. It is the best local snack stop for family and friends.

Noodle House

For a change, tourists can pop in to The Noodle House, which offers the best of Asian culinary delights inspired from South-East Asian street food. The restaurant is popular with the youth for its affordable fast food.

Najd Village

Touted to have more foot and automobile traffic than any other restaurant in its vicinity, the Najd Village is more like a museum than a restaurant. With its traditional, yet elegant décor takes you back in time to enjoy a meal much like the Bedouins of the bygone era did. The restaurant is large enough to accommodate a 1000 customers at a time and offers authentic Saudi Arabian cuisine.

Published by Grégoire / 07/11/2016
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