With Kapla, "children build to build themselves."

Novotels has partnered with Kapla, an educational toy created by Tom van der Bruggen. The name comes from the Dutch "Kabouter plankjes", which means "pixie planks."

The use of identical unfixed pieces develops the student's aptitude for organizing elements in a 3 dimensional space and allows them to discover and sharpen their manual ability in relation to objects. The game helps the child to understand the fundamental issues of geometry, physics and technology. It also introduces them to the world of art and to the universe of shapes and volumes, while developing concentration and a feeling of balance. The child can work alone or with his friends in a process of original creation. He can choose his own volumes and use specific techniques which demand the use of both discipline and fantasy. A mathematical game, and a game demanding thought. KAPLA appeals to the logic as well as the imagination and simultaneously trains the intelligence and the hands. The KAPLA builder is a builder of the "Ephémere". In the end the construction will always fall down leaving nothing but a hill of KAPLA planks and the experience of it's building. What counts is not to create something but the act of creativity. The child builds to build himself.

Find out more at www.kapla.com

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