Check out our tips to make your journey and holiday easier.


Check out our holiday tips to ensure an enjoyable break!
Now that you've decided on your family break destination, be prepared to have a fun-filled holiday be using our family travel tips! Follow the below to access great tips for your upcoming holiday!



Several months in advance, find out if there are any special formalities or documents required for every member of the family; such as passport or national identity card, visas, vaccinations, or medical certificates which may be obligatory at children's clubs.

If travelling abroad, write down the address and telephone of your embassy or consulate in the country of destination.

Health and Safety tips

Contact your family doctor at least a month in advance and be sure you are ready for your trip. The following are typical questions that can help avoid any medical issues while on holiday.

- Be sure you have all vaccinations required for your destination country

- Ask for advice on typical or common medical issues

- If a family member has a serious or chronic medical condition, obtain a copy of the prescription

See your dentist for a check-up if possible.

Apply for the European Health Insurance Card - this entitles free medical treatment while travelling in any European Union country.

Pack a medical kit with general first-aid products and those geared to the destination. Also include any special supplies needed for family members as needed.


Double check your health insurance policy to be sure the whole family is covered in case of incidence. This may require double checking if you are covered by your credit card(s) or other insurance policies, such as home or automobile.

Obtaining travel insurance for your trip will also cover for cancellations and lost luggage

Car travel

A European driving licence is valid throughout the European Union. If you are not a European citizen please contact the consulate to find out if an international driver's permit is required.

Your automobile personal liability insurance is valid in all countries of the European Union. For other destinations, ask your insurance agency - if necessary is it advised to take out a temporary policy.

Air travel

Newborns should be at least two weeks old before flying - please ask your paediatrician to advise. For takeoff and landing, babies under age two must be held in your arms while using a special seat belt. Children under age five must be accompanied on international flights.

It is very important for children to drink plenty of fluids during a flight. It is advised to give babies a bottle during takeoff and landing to prevent ear pain.


Exceeding baggage weight limits in your car may risk being fined and having your vehicle impounded.

If travelling by train, each piece of luggage must have a name tag with full name and contact details.

If you're flying, restrictions apply to liquid, paste and gel products carried on board - check the airline you are flying on for specific restrictions. Generally, carry on fluids must be in containers no larger than 100 ml and placed in a transparent plastic bag.

Exceptions apply to baby food and medications needed during the flight. All medications must have a prescription with your full name.

Please check airline website for full details.

Travel notebook

Print out our free Mandalas to colour!

To keep the little ones occupied during the trip, print out a selection of pages to colour.

Mandalas originated in India. The word "mandala" is Sanskrit for circle, sphere, environment or community. It refers primarily to the sacred circle around a god or goddess. Originally, it was used as an aid to meditation and has now become a popular element of decoration.

Classic Mandalas
Animal Mandalas

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