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Meeting@Novotel, making your meetings a success. Whatever type of meeting you are organizing, you can optimize the chances of its success by benefiting from the Novotel networkOur years of experience have let us build a great expertise in meetings organization.

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Room capacity

Room nameTheatreU-shapeBoard-
CONVENTION HALL 13000013514012.50m435m²
CONVENTION HALL 313440068465012.50m1914m²
CONVENTION HALL 413440068465012.50m1914m²
CONVENTION HALL 53000013514012.50m435m²
ORGANIZER'S SUITE 1 & 2000003.00m150m²
REGISTRATION AREA000003.20m429m²
HYD INTL CONVENTION CTR-ALLHALLS5294002604210012.50m9598m²
MEETING ROOM 1.01-FLEXI 1ST FLR92212554502.30m127m²
MEETING ROOM 1.02922125002.30m127m²
MEETING ROOM 1.04922125002.30m125m²
MEETING ROOM 1.0592025002.30m127m²
MEETING ROOM 1.0692025002.30m127m²
MEETING ROOM 1.070016003.00m46m²
MEETING ROOM 1.090016003.00m88m²
MEETING ROOM 1.100016003.00m46m²
MEETING ROOM 2.01 2ND FLR0016002.30m125m²
MEETING ROOM 2.020016002.30m127m²
MEETING ROOM 2.050016002.30m125m²
MEETING ROOM 2.060016002.30m125m²
MEETING ROOM G.01 (FLEXI ROOM 1)92212554503.00m125m²
MEETING ROOM G.02 (FLEXI ROOM 2)92212554503.00m127m²
MEETING ROOM G.03 (FLEXI ROOM 3)92212554503.00m125m²
MEETING ROOM G.04 (FLEXI ROOM 4)92212554503.00m125m²
MEETING ROOM G.05 (FLEXI ROOM 5)92212554503.00m125m²
MEETING ROOM G.06(FLEXI ROOM 6)92212552503.00m125m²
THE GRANITE13045386002.75m124m²
VIP LOUNGE0018002.00m116m²
CONVENTION HALL 23000013514012.50m435m²
CONVENTION HALL 63000013514012.50m435m²
BUSINESS CENTRE0012003.00m40m²
MEETING ROOM 1.03922125002.30m127m²
MEETING ROOM 1.080016003.00m88m²
MEETING ROOM 2.03 & 2.0422045371051202.30m312m²

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Standard equipment available

  • Copy/print service available
  • Fax machine
  • Flipchart
  • Screen
  • Self service business centre

Equipment available on request

  • High-speed internet
  • Wi-Fi at the hotel
  • Computer hire facilities
  • Internet connectivity
  • Mobile phone hire facilities
  • Secretarial service (typing)
  • Translating/interpreting service
  • Overhead projector
  • Video equipment

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  • Near Hitec City, P.O Bag 1101
  • Kondapur
  • 500081 HYDERABAD
  • Tel (+91)40/66824422
  • Fax (+91)40/66822722
  • E-mail H6182-RE@accor.com
  • Hotel Manager :
    Mr Neil PATERSON
  • Location & access
  • GPS. N 17° 28' 21.68''  E 78° 22' 21.29''

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